Kids Discovery Time Day Care

Fun and Interactive Learning for Children

Mon-Sat (6am – 12am) Child Care Services

Call us for more information: 215-796-9690


Age Appropriate Learning

Carefully designed classrooms designed to be comfortable, safe, and secure with engaging age appropriate materials and curriculum.


Experienced Teachers and Staff

You can feel confident in our experience staff and facility that is licensed, and certified to provide the best in early childhood education.


Nutritious Meals MyPlate

Children benefit from the healthy eating guided offered by MyPlate


Infant Care

baby boy in the table

3 months to 1 ½ years

Our Infant Program serves children from ages 3 months to 1 1/2 years of age. Each child is assigned a primary child care provider who attends to the daily needs of the babies in their group and also provides parents with the majority of both formal & informal communication. Each day as you pick up your child you will receive a written report of your child’s diaper changes, sleep times, and food intake.

Care at this age is characterized by child/care giver attachments, sensory experiences, and nurturing.

Our day care is staffed with loving and attentive child care providers who are truly blessed by their ability to care for infants.

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