Kids Discovery Time Day Care

Fun and Interactive Learning for Children

Mon-Sat (6am – 12am) Child Care Services

Call us for more information: 215-796-9690


Age Appropriate Learning

Carefully designed classrooms designed to be comfortable, safe, and secure with engaging age appropriate materials and curriculum.


Experienced Teachers and Staff

You can feel confident in our experience staff and facility that is licensed, and certified to provide the best in early childhood education.


Nutritious Meals MyPlate

Children benefit from the healthy eating guided offered by MyPlate


About Us

Kids Discovery Time Day Care was founded by Lois Carter in 2011. Lois was inspired to open a day care facility in an effort to empower, educated and provides a safe environment for children within different age groups in our community. The day care provides affordable and high-quality child care services for children in the Philadelphia area.


Our mission is to maintain dedicated staff that will provide a nurturing place where children can build a foundation for continued learning. We believe a feeling of self-worth is one of the greatest attributes that we can instill in each child. It is our desire to teach children values and skills for living.

two girls smilingWe offer a cognitively based curriculum designed to meet each child’s need for play, companionship, individual attention and continued learning. The curriculum is flexible, recognizes children as individuals, and provides opportunities for children to develop at their own pace. Lois brings her previous experience as a Children’s Sunday School Teacher, Youth Assistant, Corporate Trainer, Professional Development Trainer and Training Supervisor to Kids Discovery Time Day Care. Experienced staff will be hired in an effort to provide your child with the best learning experiences possible. Above all our day care staff recognizes that parents are entrusting to us care of their most precious gift ─their child.

Our day care currently has new enrollment openings for children 3 months to 13 years of age. We are presently licensed by the State of Pennsylvania as a Group Day Care Provider, which allows us to work one on one with your child. Please feel free to contact us by e-mail or telephone. Contact information is located on our home page if you are interested in enrolling your child in our daycare program.


Our vision is to be a leader in the field of day care and early learning through research, professional development, partnerships and advocacy.


The Kids Discovery Time Day Care is designed to provide children from 3 months to 10 years of age with the opportunity and developmentally appropriate experiences to learn the cognitive, social, physical, and language skills they need. Our philosophy is guided by the following five principles:

Curiosity leads to meaningful learning

  • Children strive to make sense of their world. They yearn to understand their relationships with others, the way things work, and the everyday phenomena that take place around them.

Children are active learners

  • Children understand their world through touching, smelling, tasting, filling, dumping, smudging, creating, destroying, standing, falling, trying, failing, and succeeding—all of which entail a child’s full engagement.

Children learn through social interactions

  • Social interactions that call for verbal and non-verbal exchange, mutual respect, and cooperation challenge children to consider beliefs, ideas, and emotions other than their own.

Establishing a safe environment allows the child to take appropriate risks

  • Safe furnishings and materials, trusting and responsive relationships with adults, and an environment where mistakes are valued as learning opportunities set the tone for each classroom.

Each child develops at his or her own pace

  • While we all develop along a predictable path—we learn how to walk before we can run—there is great variation in the pattern and timing of each person’s growth and development.
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